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New Earth Children, an A - Z Phonics Book

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The New Earth has arrived! And along with it comes new reading material for children.

The idea for this picture book came to me about two days before the first 2020 lock-down in Perth, Australia. I was walking on the beach and this book - which were intended for and first became a video - was basically written in my mind by the time I'd walked about one km and was heading back towards my car. I returned home and started working on it immediately.

Learning Phonics while being reminded of their true being

“F is for faith: have faith in the Universe and have faith in yourself”

One of the common themes within this book is self love. Our sensitive young children - the naturally born empaths, light workers, healers and bringers of higher dimensional frequencies - need to navigate the density of the current world. I believe one of our main gifts for them is to encourage self belief, as they will often compromise this to fit in with the dominant, heavier energies of Earth. They need to be encouraged from a young age to believe in themselves, their abilities, their light and especially...

their differences!!!

"N is for normality: Whatever you do, don't try to be normal"

Remembering their differences but also their sameness

W is for world: one world, one love, we are one”

Children are asked to look within people and see we're all the same.

Gratitude, Kindness, Imagination..

Some of the themes that give our New Earth children food for thought.


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