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    Hi! I'm Lehani

I love to teach children about caring for nature and each other!


I've been teaching Primary School students  for fourteen years. From the Australian outback to London, to South Korea and back here in Western Australia, I love to inspire children and observe what makes them 'tick'!


Children learn at their own pace. Each child has their own hidden talents and it is up to the teacher to find that talent and help it shine.

I've observed the growing sensitivities in children and believe we have a very special 'breed' of child here with us now. They need nurturing and challenging in creative and gentle ways. In 2020, I published my first picture book for such children, titled 'New Earth Children, an A - Z'.

Check out my Youtube Channel for educational clips. Stay tuned for more picture books, and lessons coming to you from Earth Trooper School.

Zoom Home Schooling - Coming Soon!

Classes will begin in the new year, magical 2021!

Classes will run for Primary aged children, ages 4 - 12.

Maximum class sizes will be 7 children.

Lessons run on the UK Curriculum. Work packages available.

Private tutoring also available.

Explore Education With Me

Take a look at the A - Z

New Earth children in paperback

Click here to buy New Earth Children, an A - Z in paperback or eBook

Australian cheaper deliveries coming soon!


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